"Battle of the Big Cross" commemoration in Clonakilty 19th June 2018

The 220th anniversary of the "Battle of the Big Cross” – the only engagement in the whole of Munster between the United Irishmen and Crown Forces in 1798, will be remembered this evening in Clonakilty in an historical, non-political commemoration at 8pm at Asna Square in the town centre

Local voluntary organisation Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage invites people to attend the event, which it organises annually to remember this important event in local history. 

"The Battle of the Big Cross" took place just north of Shannonvale Village, about 4kms from Clonakilty town, on 19th June 1798, when a group of approx. 300 local United Irishmen ambushed a crowd of approx. 100 Crown Force as they marched from Clonakilty to Bandon on what was then the main road between the two towns.

The Irish were defeated and around 100 lost their lives with less than a dozen casualties on the English side.

During the 20-minute commemoration, the Mayor of Clonakilty will lay a wreath at  the monument to the local United Irish leader Tadhg Ó Donnabháin Asna who was one of the first United Irishman to be killed in the Battle of the Big Cross.

All are invited and welcome to attend this evenings commemorative event.