As part of the weeklong events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Michael Collins, Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage are hosting a lecture, presented by Gabriel Doherty, on Tuesday August 16th at 8.30pm at Clonakilty GAA Club. The cost of the lecture is €5. As this is our first in-house lecture since February 2020 and we are  expecting a big attendance, we would appeal to all to be aware that Covid has not gone away, to wear face masks where possible and not to attend if you have any Covid or flu symptoms.


Lecture by

Gabriel Doherty, School of History, UCC

Tuesday August 16 2022




Clonakilty GAA Club, Ahamilla

This talk will focus on British official and public perceptions of Michael Collins, between his initial emergence in the aftermath of the Easter Rising as one of a number of secretive individuals actively engaged in seditious activity and committed to ending British rule in Ireland, through to the reaction to his death, and spectacular funeral in August 1922, during the Irish Civil War. Drawing on a range of materials, including (amongst other sources) secret police documents, official Government minutes and memoranda, newspaper reports, and the private papers of public figures, it will seek to demonstrate what the British state, and British people, knew, thought they knew, were led to believe, or wanted to believe, about this towering figure in modern Irish history during his relatively brief time in the public eye.

Gabriel Doherty lectures in the School of History, University College Cork. His research interests cover all aspects of twentieth-century Irish history. He actively promotes the study and knowledge of the Irish revolutionary period.

He is part of the Expert Advisory Group on Commemorations which was established by the Taoiseach to support the State's approach to the remembrance of significant historical events during the Decade of Centenaries. He played an instrumental role in the organisation of events in West Cork to commemorate the centenary of Cork Fenian Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa in 2015. 

He has edited many successful history titles including 1916: The Long Revolution, Michael Collins and the Making of the Irish State and The Home Rule Crisis 1912-1914 .