The next event by Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage is on Friday November 18th:

Tribute to Two West Cork Men: Sean Hales and Dick Barrett


Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage


Friday Nov 18 2022




Clonakilty GAA Hall, Ahamilla

Much has been written and recounted about the close friendship, comradery and respect that existed between these two remarkable men during the course of their short lives. However, it is the sad nature of their deaths, which occurred only one day apart, during the tragic Irish Civil War, which exercises the minds of historians and others as we approach the centenary of those terrible events.

Sean Hales and Dick Barrett, having fought side by side during the War of Independence, took opposite sides on the Treaty, Sean supporting it while Dick took the anti-Treaty side. On 7 December 1922, Sean Hales TD was shot dead in Dublin, possibly in a case of mistaken identity, by anti-Treaty IRA. In response, the Free State Government decided on the drastic action of executing prisoners, without charge or trial, as a reprisal for Sean’s horrific death. Dick who had been a prisoner in Mountjoy Jail since the fall of the Four Courts six months earlier, was one of four prisoners to be executed the following day.

This tribute will be narrated by Dúchas local historians Diarmuid Kingston and Michael O’Mahony in collaboration with actors from Kilmeen Drama Group.