Clonakilty Mayoral Election 2024

The nine Clonakilty Mayoral candidates, who are all looking for No. 1 or next possible best preferences in this Saturday’s special election. Five will be elected and hold the office of “Mayor of Clonakilty” for one year each up to 2029. 

From left, in order of how their names will appear on the ballot paper: Yousuf Janab Ali; Brendan Collins; Anna Groniecka; Chris Hinchy; Anthony McDermott; Evie Nevin; Conan O’ Donovan; Eileen Sheppard and James White.

Voting takes place at Scoil na mBuachaillí from 10am to 7pm on Saturday 8th June with the count at O’ Donovan’s Hotel on Sunday starting at 10am. (Photo: PRO Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage)

As well as the statutory County Council and European Parliament elections this Friday, people in the Clonakilty electoral area will have a second opportunity to vote on Saturday in the Clonakilty Mayoral Election. Scoil na mBuachaillí will be the venue on both days and everyone who has the right to vote on Friday, can automatically vote also on Saturday.  There will be nine candidates on the ballot paper for the Clonakilty Mayoral Election, which is organised by a sub-committee of Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage. The candidates - as they will appear on the ballot paper are: Yousuf Janab Ali; Brendan Collins; Anna Groniecka, Chris Hinchy; Anthony McDermott; Evie Nevin; Conan O’ Donovan; Eileen Sheppard and James White. All are standing as non-political, community representatives and five will be elected who will each serve one year as voluntary “Mayor of Clonakilty” with the rotation going in the order in which they will be elected. Voting will take place at Scoil na mBuachaillí on Saturday 8th June from 10am to 7pm and will be under the Single Transferable Vote system exactly the same as the County Council and Euro election voting the previous day. (This means that voters can votes by placing numbers next to the names of one, some or all candidates on the ballot paper, giving their No. 1 to the person they wish most to be elected, etc.). Eligible voters are everyone (18 years or over), who normally votes at Scoil na mBuachaillí (the Clonakilty Urban and Rural areas). All voters should ensure to bring photo ID (passport, driving licence, etc.), as well as proof of address (a recent household bill, bank statement, polling card from the election of previous day, etc.), as they could be asked to produce these items at the polling station. People unable to attend the polling station due to a physical disability should contact the elecion organisers by Friday.

The election count will be held at O’ Donovan’s Hotel on Sunday, starting at 10am and is open to the public. The whole Mayoral Election process from start to finish is undertaken in a total voluntary capacity under the banner of Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage and they appeal for people who have an hour or two to spare on Saturday to help out at the polling station. Contact 086-0833323 or email:

Updates are posted on the "Clonakilty Mayoral Council” and the “Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage” Facebook pages.

Duchas AGM 2024

Dúchas Clonakilty hold another successful AGM

The AGM of Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage was held recently at O’ Donovan’s Hotel with a large crowd in attendance

Cathaoirleach Tim Feen welcomed all and gave an overview of another busy year for the organisation, which organised activities practically every month. He thanked everyone for their support and paid tribute to the various sub-committees who all work diligently and effectively throughout the year. 

The establishment a few months ago of the West Cork History Societies Association – an umbrella group for all the local history and heritage groups in West Cork was welcomed and William Casey spoke about this initiative during the meeting. Pádraig O’ Reilly, Pavilion Manager and the Clonakilty GAA Club were thanked for facilitating the monthly lectures so efficiently.

Fachtna McCarthy, AGM Minutes Recording Secretary, read the detailed account of last years AGM. 

Reps from the various sub-committeesLectures and Field Trips (Marian O’ Leary); Journal (Con O’ Neill); Preservation (Clíodhna O’ Leary); Big Cross 125th Commemoration (Cionnaith Ó Súilleabháin); Website and Mayoral Council delivered their reports. 

Rúnaí Marian O’ Leary reported there were eight well attended lectures, two films, a number of fieldtrips, heritage week events and a three-day trip away to Newgrange and Knowth with stops on the way to and back at other points of historical interest in September which was enjoyed by 24 members. 

Fachtna McCarthy outlined the Treasurers Report and PRO Cionnaith Ó Súilleabháin thanked the local print, broadcast and website media organs and journalists for publicising events during the year, and spoke about the growing popularity of the Facebook page. 

Looking forward, the AGM noted that 2024 marks the centenary of the re-location of the Clonakilty Post Office to the former Presbyterian Church and is also the 200th anniversary of the founding of the RNLI and Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage will mark these occasions. May will see the screening of “Rebel Wife” the film on the life of Mary Jane Irwin at Clonakilty Cinema.

On June 8th, the unique Clonakilty Mayoral Election (held every five years) will again take place and Tomás Tuipéar and Jerome JC O’ Sullivan outlined the plans for same and that sub-committee was re-activated to oversee, plan and organise the upcoming election and count and installation of the newly-elected Mayor for 2024-2025

The committee elected for the coming year included: Tim Feen, (Cathaoirleach); Michael O’ Mahony, (Leas Cathaoirleach); Marian O’ Leary, (Rúnaí); Barbara McGuirk, (Leas Rúnaí); Fachtna McCarthy, (Cisteoir); Michael O’ Sullivan, (Leas Chisteoir); Cionnaith Ó Súilleabháin, (PRO); Con O’ Neill, (Asst. PRO); AGM Recording Secretary: Fachtna McCarthy. Committee members: Don Hill, Seán Brennan. 

See "Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage" on Facebook for regular updates of activities and historical, archeological and heritage articles of local interest.

Clonakilty 1798 Journal being updated and re-published

 A sub-committee of Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage is currently working on the republication of the 1998 “Battle of the Big Cross” journal published 25 years ago as part of the bicentenary commemoration of the battle which occurred on 19th June 1798. 

As well as re-publishing the journal there will also be a number of new chapters which will include accounts, and photos of the June 2023 commemorative events (225th anniversary), and also articles relevant to the Battle of the Big Cross and participants not previously published. 

It is planned to have this ready by the end of October and printed for early November. 

They appeal to anyone who has any information that could be included to make contact as soon as possible to ensure the associated articles can be written up and prepared for the journal. 

Information such as participants in the battle (both sides), folklore passed down about it, songs or poems, photographs of past commemorations, etc. will all be considered by the editorial committee. 

Contact, phone 086-2202029 or send a message via the dedicated Facebook page

Clonakilty Journals on sale

Clonakilty Historical & Archaeological Journals are available from Coolim Books HERE

(Please note the Biblio website takes a little bit of time to load)

Recording of Dúchas Tribute to Dick Barrett and Sean Hales

The link to the recording of our Sean Hales and Dick Barrett commemorative event held on November 18:2022 is HERE

Historic coastal village of Timoleague: Duchas Film documentary

For Heritage Week 2022, Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage has once again decided to do a film documentary.  As part of our celebrations, we will be visiting the historic coastal village of Timoleague which is situated at the mouth of the Airgideen river estuary on the cusp of Courtmacsherry Bay.  It is a picturesque place steeped in historical fact, along with myth and legend, and to take us back over the centuries our guides are Diarmuid Kingston and Michael O’Mahony.

We hope that the viewer will enjoy our visit to this historical coastal village and its hinterland with its spectacular scenery and rich folklore.  It is indeed a place of historical importance with its ancient abbeys and wonderful artistically endowed churches.  It is only by a visit that their beauty and uniqueness can be fully appreciated.

Click here to watch: